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Posted: October 26, 2014
By: Dr Gary Scardino

Have you heard about Health, Wealth and Happiness?  I have spent the last 25 years studying the greatest technologies to create the most successful life for you.  What is a successful life?  Well that is a definition that only you provide, but I would guess that most of you are not where you want to be.  And those that are would probably like more success to share it with those you love.  I have learned a very important fact in my experiance with 1000's of people I have met.  Here it is; The vast majority of people DO NOT KNOW what they want, they just know they do not have it!

Health, Wealth and Happiness is a program I developed to bring my patients and clients closer to their dream life.  I call it a one year kickstart to a 5 year plan to create a 5 year buffer!!  Do you want to know what that means?  Then please call my office today to set up a free consultation and I will explain it all to you.  Call me at 215-860-7275 and we will discuss if you qualify for my unique program and to start your journey towards abundant Health, Wealth and Happiness!!!

There are 24 moveable bones in the spine

Posted: February 23, 2011
By: Dr Gary Scardino

There are 24 moveable bones in the spine.  At times of muscular stress, the spinal bones can shift into the wrong position.  This is called vertebral subluxation.  The types of stress that can adversely affect the spinal muscles may have a physical, chemical or emotional cause. Physical stress is the stress that is caused by something that you do to your muscles or have had happen to your muscles.  For instance, job activities, posture, repetitive movements, exercise, accidents and bodily trauma are all sources of physical stress.  Chemical stress is the stress that affects your muscles when you take things into your body that are toxic, like drugs or medications, food additives and environmental pollutants.  Emotional stress affects the muscles by causing them to excessively contract when you are upset.  Most commonly the muscles affected by emotional stress are the neck and shoulder muscles.  These three stressors, physical, chemical and emotional, are the most common causes of the vertebral subluxation.

Once the vertebra (bone of the spine) has subluxated, the subluxation will affect the spinal muscle, spinal bone and spinal nerve.  The spinal muscle becomes contracted and tight, and this contraction may cause pain.  The spinal bone is no longer in the right joint position.  This creates friction on the bone itself which can very slowly wear down the bone and cause degenerative arthritis.  And finally, but most importantly, the subluxated vertebra puts pressure on the spinal nerve which disrupts the flow of nerve energy from the brain to the rest of the body.  This disruption in nerve flow interferes with the brain's ability to communicate with the rest of the body.  This breakdown in communication means whatever organ, tissue or cell that is on the other end of the nerve, will not function to the best of its ability.  The bottom line is that the human body needs all of its organs, tissues and cells to function properly for the body to be healthy.

The only way to know if you have a vertebral subluxation is to be checked by a Chiropractor.  No other health professional is licensed to locate and correct vertebral subluxations.  No other healthcare professional is even looking for vertebral subluxations.  And no other health professional would even know one if it saw one.  No drug, lotion, massage, exercise or supplement can remove a vertebral subluxation.  And you may have one or more and not even know it.  Get yourself checked today and learn more about reaching your greatest health potential.

What to look forward to and how to contact me.

Posted: February 16, 2011
By: Dr Gary Scardino

Hello friends!  It is a wonderful Wednesday here in Newtown and we are ready to help you and your loved ones towards a healthier life!  I am planning to use these blog posts to spread the word about this fantastic health creating Chiropractic Lifestyle!!  For many the Chiropractic Lifestyle starts with the most important basic step of keeping your spinal column motioning properly and free from interferences!  The brain and nervous system control and coordinate each and every function of the body!  There is not one thing happening in your body right now that is not being controlled or coordinated by the brain through the spinal cord.  If we were to create a computer (even with today's microchip technology) that did everything the brain did in a 24 hour period, It would have to be as tall as the Empire State Building, as big as Houston Texas and water cooled by the Hudson River!!!!  Stresses caused by physical,chemical and emotional events can effect our spine leading to miscommunications from the brain to the rest of the organs, glands, muscles and body systems.  These may be big events like auto accidents, slips  or repetitive work habits.  The real culprits however, are the small things we do each day.  Fender benders with no pain, fall and catch ourselves is sometimes worse than falling and breaking a bone.  Chemical stresses like sugar, artificial sweeteners, nicotine, caffeine and processed foods.  These things change the way we sleep, tax our adrenals, relax or tighten muscles.  The last and most often overlooked stress is emotional.  Worry, rushing, fear!  Teenagers, parents, bosses, teachers, cell phones ringing, traffic jams, deadlines!  These things have the greatest effect on us. They tighten muscles, change breathing habits and upset sleep.  These stresses combined can have devastating effects  on our health, structure, wellness and immune system.  The research that correlates Chiropractic Wellness  with a decrease in these dangers is growing every day and I plan on sharing them with you.  Most of us go about our lives ignoring or covering up these little warning signs or simply passing them along as normal par for the course events.  But believe me I see it every day in my practice.  By the time someone feels the pain, gains the weight, hears the diagnosis, the problem has been there for a long time.  It would benefit you to get a Chiropractic checkup as soon as possible since many of these misalignments are symptom free until it is a much bigger problem and you may not even know they are there.  If you are currently under Chiropractic Care then good for you!!  Keep up the good work! 

There are other steps included in living a healthy lifestyle and research shows that people who incorporate Chiropractic Wellness often will include these other things as well.  We will discuss these in future posts.  If you have linked onto this blog then chances are you are already on my website.  If you have any questions there is a contact us tab at the top categories.  Our website also has hundreds of articles concerning all kinds of health and wellness topics feel free to browse it often.  In the meanwhile if you have a question let me know.  If you know anyone who would benefit from meeting me then refer them over.  Remember consultations are always free and on me.  Also, remember that I will never move forward with any case if I am not confident that I can be of help.  Have a great day! 

In Health,


Dr. Gary Scardino


Posted: February 16, 2011
By: Dr Gary Scardino

Hi Friends just testing how my blog posts. Please bear with me. Thanks

A little about me

Posted: February 15, 2011
By: Dr Gary Scardino

Dr. Gary Scardino is a Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist utilizing Nutrition Response Testing and Whole Food Supplements, Certified Pose Running Coach and has Diplomate Status in Addiction Recovery. Dr.Gary has a wonderful wife and three fantastic kids.  I practice in Newtown, Pa Bucks County and specialize in diffficult cases associated with nervous system interference, poor nutrition and addictive, compulsive and depressing habits. In my practice I have helped many people recover from Fibromyalgia, Migraines, asthma and allergies. Lose weight, Quit smoking, Recover from addiction. I've helped three trauma induced deaf patients recover there hearing. Millions suffer because they do not know what a real healing adjustment can do to release the power of the body. People drive from three states for my special care. If I can help them I can help you! Contact me to find someone near you who can change your life.  It is my goal to combine the latest technology in Chiropractic with good old fashion customer service and patient care.  Many of the services I offer in my practice are a direct result of a friend, family member or patients need.  I studied Addiction Recovery simply because this demographic needs our care so desperately.  Smoking kills thousands of people every year and millions are suffering from some form of addiction or depressive habit from prescription drugs to recreational drugs and alcohol.  This group of people can benefit from the Chiropractic Lifestyle as they rebuild there bodies and minds.  Fibromyalgia became a particularly satisfying patient base when I helped a patient who later joined my practice as an employee.  Together we were inspired to spread the word about increased quality of life with Chiropractic.  One of my techniques; Torque Release Technique helps this particular group immensely and many medical doctors were just ignoring or passing along these sufferers.  Since the approval of FIbromyalgia drugs Doctors are miraculously diagnosing Fibromyalgia after years of denying its' existence.  The drug is worse than the disease as far as side effects go.  I will write later about my involvement in nutrition response testing and how I began utilizing this wonderful technique to truly restore healing potential for any patient.  I want to thank you for joining me on these blogs and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.  If you have any questions please contact me through my website at www.scardinochiropractic.com or call me at 215-860-7275.
If you know someone struggling withpoor health, smoking,alcohol, or drugs ask me how I can help. 


Posted: February 9, 2011
By: Dr Gary Scardino

Welcome to our very first Blog post.  I have been developing this format for awhile now in order to bring you the latest and greatest information on true health and wellness.  It is my goal to clear away the confusion of health advertisement and give you the most accurate and current information as well as my 20 years of experiance with Chiropractic, Nutrition, Exercise and Addiction Recovery.  Please check back often so you don't miss any of the great information!!