Weight Loss, Emotional Eating, Food Addiction & Cravings

The fact is your brain may be working differently. The human body manufactures chemicals (endorphins & enkephalins) to help us feel a sense of well being.  Food companies are manipulating ingredients to make food more addictive.   A study at Connecticut University in 2013 concluded that Oreo cookies are more addictive than crack cocaine or morphine.

Right now, there are Medical Doctors and scientists, who may have graduated from Harvard, and could possibly be discovering the cure for Parkinsons Disease who instead, are trying to figure out how to get you to eat three more cookies!  Food scientists create new ways for shape, texture, add air capacity and combinations of fat, sugar, and salt to keep you eating.

They manipulate our brain chemistry and then blame you and your lack of will power for failing to stay healthy and maintain a happy weight level. 

Every time you eat these foods, chemicals bind to these little receptors in your brain pushing your natural chemicals aside and filling their receptor sites. If you don't use it you lose it. Since the chemicals are filling your receptor sites, eventually your brain will stop making your natural chemicals. Now you are addicted. When you try to diet or eat better you not only stop the supply of stimulating chemicals, fats and sugars, but your brain doesn't know it is supposed to start making your naturally occurring chemicals again. This creates craving and withdrawal symptoms.

Dr. Gary T. Scardino is a Chiropractor & Board Certified Addiction Specialist.  By utilizing the latest techniques of Torque Release, Auriculotherapy, R. O.M. Exercise, and Essential Nutrients your body will release the naturally occurring chemicals your brain needs. By establishing a sense of well being, reducing the appetite for artificial stimulants, and decreasing withdrawal symptoms our success rate is unparalleled. Continue reading to learn about our unique methods and why, when combined with your desire to eat better and stay healthy they work so well.

So you can lose weight now!

Our office uses the most successful methods in assisting people to quit addictive behaviors. Research shows that approaching addictions, such as food cravings and emotional eating, from many angles increases success rates. For this reason, we encourage you to use every facet of our program to help you break your weight gaining habits.


Creating Health and Restoring Wellness by Balancing the Brain and Body is the key to success.

Dr. Gary T Scardino combines the latest techniques and procedures proven in the peer-reviewed Journal of Psychoactive Drugs as well as the journal: Nature

Dr. Gary T. Scardino has been studying health and wellness for over 25 years.  He is a Chiropractor, Designed Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist, Auriculotherapist & Certified Life Success Coach.

Dr. Scardino has combined the most advanced technologies and procedures to create this very successful weight loss program.



Auriculotherapy is the cornerstone of our program and is the reason for our great success. Auriculotherapy has most often been described as non-needle ear acupuncture. Although this helps to explain what our method looks like it is not the total picture. Auriculotherapy does not treat acupuncture meridians like an acupuncturist. Instead, we are stimulating four cranial nerves that communicate directly with the brain. This communication directs the brain to start producing natural chemicals that you need in order to feel satisfied, calm, and whole. Auriculotherapy uses electrical stimulation instead of needles. It is safe and pain-free. Most quitters describe the sensation as a buzzing or tingling. It is non-invasive and takes less time than needles. Auriculotherapy is FDA approved and recognized by The World Health Organization as one of the best ways to assist addictive behaviors

The way we like to explain the action of Auriculotherapy is like this:

Your brain needs chemicals to help you feel happy, satisfied and content. These chemicals are like keys that fit into specific keyholes. When your keyhole is filled you will feel happy and satisfied. When you eat manipulated food the artificial chemicals flood your brain and fill your keyholes! At first, this feels great to you, but after time you begin to realize that you need more and more food/carbs/ sugar/salt to feel satisfied. You also notice the monetary cost and health cost. When you try to eat better you not only lose these artificial chemicals but since it has been 2 years, 5 years, maybe 20 years since you started eating poorly your body does not remember how to make its' own chemicals. You begin to feel irritable, cranky, frustrated and crave the very foods you are trying to avoid. When your brain looks for the keys (chemicals) to fill the keyholes the body never says, "ten years ago we made them on our own" it always says "well yesterday we got those chemicals from donuts/bread etc.". Then your brain craves the food until you give it some. By using Auriculotherapy we stimulate the brain to once again produce the natural chemicals it needs to fill the keyholes. Once your body does this then it is like riding a bicycle, soon it will be doing it on its' own and you will be eating better and feeling more satisfied!


Torque Release Technique

This Chiropractic technique was developed in a peer-reviewed single-blind study through the University of Miami School of Medicine.  Torque Release Technique was proven to restore the Brain Reward Cascade.  By reducing substance hunger, cravings, depression and anxiety, the study, which was featured on the Discovery Health Channel, showed a remarkable 100% success rate.


R.O.M. Exercise

The R.O.M. exercise machine strengthens the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems with high-intensity low impact exercise.  Working out on the R.O.M. Machine is equal to an hour and twenty-minute workout in only 8 minutes a day.  Anyone can rebuild and restore lost muscle, balance fat ratio and rebuild strength.  People in my program range from athletes to folks who have not been off the couch in 10 years.  The R. O. M. machine adapts to you and your capabilities.  You will be feeling great in no time. 


Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing restores and rebuilds damaged and weakened organ systems as well as eliminates toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, fungi and parasites from the body utilizing specific whole food supplements.  A very precise analysis pinpoints the most damaged organs and creates a program to best restore health to the entire body system.  Your weight loss may be slowed down from thyroid issues, adrenal gland exhaustion, liver toxicity and more.  Dr. Scardino will cleanse and strengthen the specific organs in need.


Aromatherapy Scent Inhaler

Aromatherapy scent inhaler with pure essential oils. The scent inhaler consists of lemon, pine, and eucalyptus. These scents have shown benefits in helping to resist the urge to eat and may have benefits for the digestive system. The inhaler also has two other benefits. The first is the actual act of inhaling/breathing which brings necessary oxygen into the lungs. Taking big deep breaths and flooding your lungs with much needed oxygen helps to expel chemicals from your lungs, blood and stimulates your lymph system and liver to begin cleansing your body of chemicals and residue. The second is the act of picking up, opening, and using the inhaler; this gives you a break in your habits. By breaking your normal patterns and also replacing the hand to mouth motion you will easily develop new patterns that do not lead to eating.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids are building blocks necessary for creating the chemicals your brain needs to feel whole. These are naturally occurring and you should be getting them from the foods you eat. Since it has been a while since you used your own brain chemicals this extra surplus has been used to jump-start the process.


Talk & Creative Arts Therapies

Although not mandatory, some patients recognize deeper relationships to their emotional eating habits combined with the chemical brain manipulation.  For this reason, we have Adina Rosenberg, MCAT, BC-DMT, LPC. on staff for those interested. Combining talk therapy with body-based techniques her technique addresses the physical sensations that exist in our bodies, such as worry, pain or low energy, and attends to corresponding thoughts that limit our happiness.  Give the body a voice, utilizing mindfulness, breath work, and movement expression to help alleviate depression, anxiety and mood instability. Be sure to speak with Dr. Scardino if this is a feature you are interested in.


Dr. Scardino uses a truly holistic program for healthy weight loss success!

By combining the latest proven techniques in creating health, correcting manipulated brain chemistry and establishing a sense of well-being, you or your loved one can live a life of freedom from weight gain, compulsive disorders, and depression or anxiety.


There are many different factors that affect a persons success rate when trying to lose weight. Biochemical individuality, amount of food eaten each day, years of poor diet habits and brain manipulation, your age and desire to be healthier are just a few of these factors. Cravings and Emotional Eating desire are created artificially by substances added to food and many factors can affect the triggers associated with cravings. We have had the greatest amount of success with an individualized treatment approach. No two people are the same and in our office, we approach each person and their circumstances specifically to fit there needs.

Some patients will detoxify twice a year for general cleansing and fortifying of the liver and some patients will include the purification program with our weight loss program. Please read our page on purification for more details.

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