Testimonials and What Patients Say

Some testimonials will have full names and some initials. Most in office testimonials have full names but some have been included on the websites with initials.

Dr. Gary T. Scardino is very proud of his results and the kind words and success of his patients in his programs.

Together we make a great difference for the health of our community and ourselves.


About Thrive... addiction recovery and wellness

"This Program has given me my son back. He has a job, a car and a girlfriend!  To have a relationship with him as a contributing part of our family and community is amazing." P.W.



"I have known Dr. Scardino for six months.  He has embraced me with open arms.  He has become a good friend and advisor.

For the last six months, I have been signed up under his triple play of his Health, Wealth and Happiness program.

Well, I have lost over 15 pounds, my blood pressure is under control without medication, receiving sound coaching for my business and exploring the stock exchange armed with knowledge of targeting the winners.  He is kind and friendly in demeanor.  He is very easy to get along with, yet he is frank and direct when he knows it is in your best interest for him to do so.

My journey is not over, but I am grateful to God that he has guided Dr. Scardino to me. Come take him up on the 8 minute fitness challenge. I did. I am surely leaner for it.

Luke D. Titus


About Chiropractic and Health Programs


From the Desk of Gail D. Titus

Feb. 15, 2014

Dear Dr. Scardino

I am so happy I met you and Kymberlee at Schuykill Valley Sports! I was in need of sound Chiropractic care and have found it at Scardino Family Chiropractic.  My initial needs were at a maintenance level, but were heightened quickly after being a passenger in a small fender bender.  During my course of care, the adjustments have allowed me to feel better and sleep better, the ROM has allowed my strength training at the gym I go to be more intense and I am optimistic about the journey that you are taking me on nutritionally.  I love the "Green Drinks" and the laser you use on my tempermental shoulder area.  The shoulder is showing signs of improvement in a relatively short time.  The Pro Adjuster is made for me!  It has greatly improved my sinuses and I am sure it will do the same for my knee concern.

Thank you, Dr. Scardino, for being skilled at what you do and caring for your patients so well.


Best Regards,



I asked my patients to write me a post-it note at Thanksgiving, here's what they wrote!

“I love Dr. Scardino. His enthusiasm and motivation are only matched by his healing methods! My shoulders and lower back are much much better. Thank you!” - Lisa D.

“You have helped me on my road to recovery after a life changing injury. I know it has made a difference.” - Jen

“Coming here has helped a lot. My neck, anger, and drinking have gotten worlds better. Certainly has given me a fresh start at life.”

“Dr. Scardino was the answer to my prayers! God has blessed me with better health!!”

“Dr. Scardino is always very friendly and positive. He helped not only with my overall health but helped with issues in my newborn.” - B.L.

“Dr. Scardino has helped my lower back pain immensely. He is a great guy who wants nothing but health and happiness for his patients.” - Christian P.

"Neck pain shooting into lower head has decreased apprecially" - Dom D.

"Dr. Scardino has helped with years of back and neck pain. I prefer natural healing over medication any time. Thank you for keeping me healthy." - Judge Petrucci

"Been coming to Dr. Scardino for 18+ years. Always feel better after the treatment. Regular visits are necessary for continuing good health." - Bruce J.

"Dr. Scardino, thank you for making my headaches disappear and always being flexible to see me when I'm in the area!" - Candice

"Thank you for your help and your kindness" - Priscilla

"My shoulder and back feel better!" - Donna Lovely

"Very caring and concerned doctor!" - Richard Lovely

"Dr. Scardino - The Miracle Worker!" - Al A.

"Dr. Scardino keeps my neck pain to a minimum giving me more range of motion and pain free!" - Jen Adcock

"Dr. Scardino has been a huge help in taming my migraines. He is always flexible and available when I need him. Thanks Dr. Scardino!" - Crystal

"Dr. Scardino keeps us tuned to our best performance." - Dave and Susan L.

"My edema is gone so my feet don't hurt. My lower back feels better." - Katie Marino

"Always treating us with care and compassion!"

"Dr. Scardino, thank you for your help! God bless you!"

"I feel better knowing you are here to help!" - Missy P.

"Thank you for the improvement in my sinuses and back! It is great to feel better." - Barb

"Dr. Scardino is the only one that keeps me working." - Charlie H.

"You are always a pleasure to talk with and keep a positive attitude." - A.J.

"Dr. Scardino keeps me strong, well, pain-free, and YOUNG!" - Charlie A.

"Dr. Scardino is always very friendly, approachable, and flexible. Thank you." - J

"Dr. Scardino's help has had significant impact on my lower back and hips. Yet, besides his professional, he's been a great person and great friend for me when I've been needing it recently. Thank you, Doc." - Bryan

"Very thankful for the whole Scardino family. My low back pain has decreased considerably."

"Thank you for your care and always making time with my crazy schedule." - Helene

"Dr. Scardino helped out my hips and legs." - Matt K.

"Dr. Scardino is ALWAYS RIGHT!!" - Wendy

"I always feel better and more energized after coming here. Thank you for helping me and my family!" - M.S.

"There is always a difference after an adjustment. And the ROM Machine can kick my butt everytime." - Allan F.

"Dr. Feelgood! Thank you for getting rid of my seasonal allergies." - R.D.

"Thank you Dr. Scardino for substantiating my faith in good, sound, regular health regimes to strengthen my aging body." - John

"I feel younger than my years (which will be 90 in Feb.) after Dr. Scardino's adjustments which I have been getting for about 10 years. Thank God!" - Anna

"Thank you for always being here for me and helping me to not only stay healthy but to improve my health." - Diane H.

"Dr. Gary has helped my back feel better at rest after/during excercise! Thanks!" - Will

"Thank you for an overall wellness feeling. I'm not bothered with annoying pains of the body that are superficial." - Em

"My neck pain is subsiding since treatment began. Thank you!" - Dave Ferrari

"I thank God for finding Dr. Scardino 8 years ago. He has kept me moving ever since!" - River S.


Don't just take it from me, see what people are saying on Google!

"I’ve been receiving chiropractor by Dr. Scardino since the beginning of this year, and I couldn’t recommend him more!! - Jonathan Everly

"Problems i had for years were diagnosed and treatment successfully completed. Cool exercise equipment, too." - Norman Henk

"Been coming for years, to maintain my spine with Dr. Gary. It has really paid off, as I am better today than I was ten years ago." - Damian Roman

"He's very dedicated & helped me greatly. Dr. Scardino came in on a Saturday evening last minute to help me out." - Melissa Campbell

"Dr. Scardino is extremely knowledgeable and helps keep me healthy, I would recommend going to him often for ANY type of health issuse or just to stay in good shape." - Bernadette Daries

"Great place to be if you have any back pain! My back has been feeling much better after going" - Artem Lenchuk

"Dr. Gary is the only chiropractor I trust to adjust me. I have been with him for years and have never felt better. I came to him with a lower back issue and have since taken advantage of the many other services offered. I am enrolled in his mentorship program and I must say it helped me a ton. I have taken full control of my present situation, my finances and future plans with the tools that were given to me. Physically I have never felt better and I am also on the way to opening my second business in less than 3 years. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for great chiropractic care. I also recommend his mentorship program for anyone looking to fulfill their potential." - Cello Pettiford

"​​​​​​​Dr. Scardino is very knowledgeable. He always takes the time to answer my questions and has helped me greatly! I highly recommend him." - Gary Rinaldi

​​​​​​​"We are very happy with Dr. Scardino. He spends the time to get to the root of your issue and his advanced techniques are different than anything else I've ever seen. Definitely recommend him." - Ellen Rinaldi

​​​​​​​"Dr. Gary's adjustments help in so many ways. I used to get so many colds and sinus problems throughout the year and now I almost never get sick. Totally worth it!" - William Chigounis

​​​​​​​"Dr. Scardino is a caring and knowledgable chiropractic practitioner. His use of a chiropractic tool eliminates the need for manual adjustments even though he can perform them. The tool allows for adjustments of the sinuses and it has been a lifesaver for me because I had neck surgery years ago and prefer to avoid manual adjustments on my neck because of it. Chiropractic at Scardino Family Chiropractic is a large piece of my overall wellness plan." - Gail Titus

"Dr. Scardino has been helping me for a few years now and I am very happy. His computer adjustments are very specific and work great! I highly recommend his office." - Matthew Kardos

​​​​​​​"I sought chiropractic care in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I chose Dr. Scardino because I read a review that said he used the Pro-adjuster for routine adjustments. Thanks to his care I had an excellent pregnancy, labor, birth and now recovery. It's true what he says, Dr. Scardino can help you." - Andra Cook

"Met Dr Scardino recently. He was a speaker on the topic HEALING THE ADDICTED BRAIN. It was very enlightening. I've grown up with chiropractic care and have always found it beneficial. So I decided to see if he could help me. So far in less than 2 weeks I haven't had any migraines and am sleeping A LOT better. Didn't think that would be a benefit!! Looking forward to all the positive results. He is very dedicated to his patients well being." - Nadine Moore

"Dr Scardino gave me my life back. With extreme lower back pain for at least a year, I struggled to do anything. But after less than a month of treatment I am able to do what I did before! I highly recommend, as he listens to you and provides the right treatment." - Nanci Harris

"I have Tinnitus, among many other organ issues and a really messed up spine. Dr. Scardino has treated me about 5 or 6 times so far and it is helping already. His gentle way of adjustments is just perfect for me, being sensitive to strong manipulation and I absolutely HATE neck cracking! I am having less back pain already and feel that my ears are healing, as after each session I do get a much lower volume for a day or two afterwards and I know there will be longer stretches of quiet as it heals more. Along with dietary changes, I can tell I will be much better soon. I even had him do the muscle testing on me to see which organs were the most stressed, and that was quite interesting! It lined right up with another practitioner who did a different type of testing, so I know it works. He's a great guy, too, you won't be sorry to give him a try!" - Kathi