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Testimonials and What Patients Say

Some testimonials will have full names and some initials.  Most in office testimonials have full names but some have been included on the websites with initials.

Dr. Gary T. Scardino is very proud of his results and the kind words and success of his patients in his programs.  Together we make a great difference for the health of our community and ourselves.


About Thrive... addiction recovery and wellness

"This Program has given me my son back. He has a job, a car and a girlfriend!  To have a relationship with him as a contributing part of our family and community is amazing." P.W.




"I have known Dr. Scardino for six months.  He has embraced me with open arms.  He has become a good friend and advisor.

For the last six months, I have been signed up under his triple play of his Health, Wealth and Happiness program.

Well, I have lost over 15 pounds, my blood pressure is under control without medication, receiving sound coaching for my business and exploring the stock exchange armed with knowledge of targeting the winners.  He is kind and friendly in demeanor.  He is very easy to get along with, yet he is frank and direct when he knows it is in your best interest for him to do so.

My journey is not over, but I am grateful to God that he has guided Dr. Scardino to me. Come take him up on the 8 minute fitness challenge. I did. I am surely leaner for it.

Luke D. Titus


About Chiropractic and Health Programs


From the Desk of Gail D. Titus

Feb. 15, 2014

Dear Dr. Scardino

I am so happy I met you and Kymberlee at Schuykill Valley Sports! I was in need of sound Chiropractic care and have found it at Scardino Family Chiropractic.  My initial needs were at a maintenance level, but were heightened quickly after being a passenger in a small fender bender.  During my course of care, the adjustments have allowed me to feel better and sleep better, the ROM has allowed my strength training at the gym I go to be more intense and I am optimistic about the journey that you are taking me on nutritionally.  I love the "Green Drinks" and the laser you use on my tempermental shoulder area.  The shoulder is showing signs of improvement in a relatively short time.  The Pro Adjuster is made for me!  It has greatly improved my sinuses and I am sure it will do the same for my knee concern.

Thank you, Dr. Scardino, for being skilled at what you do and caring for your patients so well.


Best Regards,