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If you are looking for a holistic approach on your anxiety or depression in Newtown, PA, Scardino Family Chiropractic can help. Our treatment plan has been proven to greatly reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety in all age groups, including teenagers.

A note from the Doctor:

Hello Healthy Healers, 

I have been studying Health and Wellness for over 30 years and has been practicing in Newtown for over 24 years!  These are the things that I have found most people need in order to be as healthy as possible! 

When I speak about being healthy, I am not speaking about symptoms but about physical, mental and social well being.  This includes anxiety and depression. My approach targets the Brain Reward Cascade and patients suffering from Brain Reward Deficiency. This is a condition that affects the way the brain communications happiness and satisfaction to your body and thoughts.

I started out addressing Reward Deficiency Syndrome and quickly discovered that this condition also affects anxiety and depression and I have seen miraculous results with many of my patients. Give me a call today & let me help with your anxiety and depression too!


Dr. Gary Scardino

Our Anxiety/Depression Program Includes:

1) Torque Release Technique - this came out of a peer reviewed single blind study on addiction recovery with a 100 % success rate. I quickly discovered in my practice that this technique had a profound effect on anxiety and depression patients as well. This is where we start your journey in this program.

If your nerve system is blocked, twisted, impinged or compressed in any way then this vital communication will not travel between the brain and your body and Dis-Ease will result.  As your Chiropractor my job is to check if you have any of these blocked nerve signals. Find them and fix them.…it is just that simple.

2) R. O. M. Exercise - Exercise has been proven in multiple studies to help alleviate depression and anxiety. To strengthen your spine, back, muscles and increase the muscle tone of your entire body we may recommend the ROM exercise machine.  A full cardiovascular, weight training and stretching workout can be obtained equaling an hour and twenty minute workout in only 8 minutes a day!  The ROM machine stretches your muscles through their full range of motion strengthening secondary and tertiary muscles not exercised at the gym.  4 minutes on the ROM is equal to 45 minutes on a treadmill.  The ROM machine has an 85 lb flywheel with a braking system that engages as you use the machine.  As you become fatigued the brake works less and as you get stronger over time the brake resists more.  The ROM machine constantly adapts to your strength so it is never too easy and never too hard.  In our office we have ages from 9 to 84 currently using the ROM machine and getting great results.

3) Nutritional Response Testing - By communicating with the energies and pathways between your organs I can develop a nutritional supplement program to best support and strengthen your organs and brain chemistry.  Each person is a unique individual with unique needs.  Our proven analysis will pinpoint exactly which organs in what order need better nutritional support as well as discover any chemicals, metals, fungi, parasites, bacteria and viruses that may be affecting your physical and mental health and hindering your healing and recovery.   Only whole food supplements are recommended and you will learn the dangers of taking random partial vitamins like beta carotene and ascorbic acid. 

4) Auriculotherapy - A  low level painless electrical current is applied to the outside of your ear which stimulates four cranial nerves and releases endorphins, enkephalon's and serotonin as well as other essential brain chemicals to facilitate the healing of various organs in the body including Brain Deficiency Syndrome.  The World Health Organization and FDA recognize over 300 disease processes helped by auriculotherapy.  We mostly utilize it for Addiction, Quit Smoking, Food Cravings, Anxiety, Depressing Habits, Eating Disorders, Severe Allergies and Migraines

These 4 techniques make up the base of our healing programs.  Each person is examined and a detailed subluxation history is taken.  You will have a posture analysis, balance exam and SEMG  test to determine if any of these life debilitating subluxations exist.  Afterwards, you will make a second appointment included to have explained to you the results of your exam as well as a detailed plan if Dr. Scardino feels that he can help you and agrees to accept your case.

5) Coaching Programs - Doctor guided success principles to help ensure your best chances of living a better life. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I have found that when we support you with time tested accountability guidance, we increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Don't spend another day suffering with anxiety or depression in Newtown, PA without calling Scardino Family Chriopractic for help! Dr. Scardino takes the time to listen and make suggestions to assist with not only your spinal health but also your mental health as well.

We offer multiple programs that can help your body, mind and soul:

We have helped patients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond. We service Upper Washington Crossing, Fairless Hills, Makefield Township, Churchville, Wrightstown, Newtown, Holland, Langhorne, Richboro, New Hope and surrounding New Jersey areas.

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