Purification Program in Newtown, PA

What You Need To Know About Our Purification Program

Dr. Scardino utilizes the Standard Process 21 Day Purification program in his office for the past 15 years. No detoxification program can actually detoxify your body. The only true way to detoxify is through your Liver. Any program that irritates your digestive track to increase your bowel movements is not really detoxifying you.

The liver is the true organ of detoxification. By eating clean for 21 days and taking specific supplements to support and strengthen the Liver you will begin to lose weight, remove toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, fungi and parasites. You will feel great, have increased energy and lose fat. Many patients lose from 8 to 21 pounds.

Some patients will detoxify twice a year for general cleansing and fortifying of the liver. Others will include the purification program with our weight loss program.

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