Headache & Migraine Relief in Newtown, PA

If you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines, you could benefit from chiropractic care from Scardino Family Chiropractic. We know that suffering with a headache or migraine makes it hard to manage your day-to-day tasks. Chiropractic is a safe alternative to help relieve your headache effectively. Regular adjustments can help to manage the frequency of your headaches and get you back to your best life. 

To treat your headache, our chiropractor will help to reduce stress on your spine and assist with improving your spinal function. Stress in your everyday life can cause your body to react in a variety of ways, headaches and migraines being the most common. Don't spend another day in pain, give us a call today!

Will I get instant relief with a chiropractic adjustment for my headache or migraine?

Some individuals will experience instant relief. However, other individuals, it may take a few appointments before you notice a significant difference. Working closely with Dr. Scardino and following the recommendations he provides for your at-home care, will help you to get better faster. 

How often should I get adjusted by the chiropractor?

Every patient is different and this will vary, however, as you are getting started on your chiropractic plan, you may have multiple appointments the first week, then a few appointments over the next few weeks. Enable to maintain your pain-free lifestyle after the first few weeks, it's recommended that you continue with regular adjustments once or twice per month. 

What are the most common headaches that chiropractors help with?

Tension Headaches - can appear as pain anywhere in the head or neck. 

Cervicogenic Headaches - a pain that starts in the neck after movement and usually is accompanied by a limited range of motion. 

If you aren't sure what kind of headache you have, we can help diagnose you as well. Give us a call to set up an appointment to discuss your headaches or migraines and let Scardino Family Chiropractic help you on a path to a better life. We are accepting new patients from Newtown, Holland, Langhorne, Richboro, Wrightstown, Churchville, Upper Makefield Township, Washington Crossing, Fairless Hills and surrounding areas.