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YOU QUIT SMOKING but no one told YOUR BRAIN !!!

The fact is a smokers brain works differently. The human body manufactures chemicals (endorphins & enkephalins) to help us feel a sense of well being. Every time you smoke, nicotine binds to these little receptors in your brain pushing your natural chemicals aside and filling there receptor sites. If you don't use it you lose it. Since the nicotine is filling your receptor sites, eventually your brain will stop making your natural chemicals. Now you are addicted. When you quit smoking you not only stop the supply of nicotine, but your brain doesn't know it is supposed to start making your naturally occurring chemicals again. This creates craving and withdrawal symptoms. Dr. Gary T. Scardino in Newtown, PA is a Chiropractor & Board Certified Addiction Specialist.  By utilizing the latest techniques of Auriculotherapy and essential nutrients your body will release the naturally occurring chemicals your brain needs. By establishing a sense of well being, reducing the appetite for artificial stimulants, and decreasing withdrawal symptoms our success rate is unparalleled. Continue reading to learn about our unique methods and why they work so well.

So you can Quit Smoking Now!

Our office uses the most successful methods in assisting people to quit addictive behaviors. Research shows that approaching addictions from many angles increases success rates. For this reason we encourage you to use every facet of our program to help you break your smoking habit.


Auriculotherapy is the cornerstone of our program and is the reason for our great success. Auriculotherapy has most often been described as non-needle ear acupuncture. Although this helps to explain what our method looks like it is not the total picture. Auriculotherapy does not treat acupuncture meridians like an acupuncturist. Instead, we are stimulating four cranial nerves that communicate directly with the brain. This communication directs the brain to start producing natural chemicals that you need in order to feel satisfied, calm, and whole. Auriculotherapy uses electrical stimulation instead of needles. . It is safe and pain free. Most quitters describe the sensation as a buzzing or tingling. It is non invasive and takes less time than needles. Auriculotherapy is FDA approved and recognized by The World Health Organization as one of the best ways to assist addictive behaviors

The way we like to explain the action of Auriculotherapy is like this:

Your brain needs chemicals to help you feel happy, satisfied and content. These chemicals are like keys that fit into specific keyholes. When your keyhole is filled you will feel happy and satisfied. When you smoke a cigarette the artificial chemicals flood your brain and fill your keyholes! At first this feels great to you, but after time you begin to realize that you need more and more cigarettes to feel satisfied. You also notice the monetary cost and the health cost. When you try to quit smoking you not only lose these artificial chemicals but since it has been 2 years, 5 years, maybe 20 years since you started smoking your body does not remember how to make its' own chemicals. You begin to feel irritable, cranky, frustrated etc. When your brain looks for the keys (chemicals) to fill the keyholes the body never says, "ten years ago we made them on our own" it always says "well yesterday we got those chemicals from cigarettes". Then your brain craves the cigarette until you give it one. By using Auriculotherapy we stimulate the brain to once again produce the natural chemicals it needs to fill the keyholes. Once your body does this then it is like riding a bicycle, soon it will be doing it on its' own and you will be smoke free!

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