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Designed Clinical Nutrition

Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing restores and rebuilds damaged and weakened organ systems as well as eliminates toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, fungi and parasites from the body utilizing specific whole food supplements.  A very precise analysis pin points the most damaged  organs and creates a program to best restore health to the entire body system. 

Your weight loss, energy or health may be affected from thyroid issues, adrenal gland exhaustion, liver toxicity and more. Dr. Scardino will cleanse and strengthen the specific organs in need.

You cannot take supplements just because Oprah or Dr. Oz says "people over your age need this or that."  Or because the kid at the store said "we sell a lot of that to people like you!"   Many of the supplements you may be taking could actually be harmful to you if they are not whole food or are not right for your needs.

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