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Addiction Recovery Support

Recovery involves your body and mind.



                                 ...a recovery and wellness center


Addiction is a multi-factorial disease having psychosocial, genetic, spiritual and metabolic components.  The most significant mechanism of this disease process is manifest through neurophysiological insult within the Brain Reward Cascade Model known as Reward Deficiency Syndrome. (RDS)

The human brain produces a number of "feel good" chemicals -from serotonin and dopamine, to norepinephrine, GABA and endorphins-- all of which work together to produce feelings of well-being.  When levels of these "feel good" chemicals are low or blocked from the brain's receptors; stress, pain, discomfort and agitation are the result.  This condition is called "Reward Deficiency Syndrome" (RDS).

Those suffering from RDS are unable to produce an adequate feeling of well-being and consequently often self-medicate with substances that help raise the levels of "feel good" chemicals in their system-- if only temporarily.  It helps them feel good and function better with less stress, agitation and emotional pain.  These substances often include junk foods, sugars, chocolate, alcohol, nicotine or stimulants.  Unfortunately, self medication only provides temporary relief while bringing with it more long-term consequences such as addictions and health problems.

Our program is proven to restore the


Dr. Scardino has combined the latest peer reviewed techniques to restore the Brain Reward Cascade while simultaneously rebuilding healthy muscle and organ systems, removing dangerous toxins and restoring proper brain chemistry.


"This program has given me my son back.  He has a job, a car and a girlfriend!  To have a relationship with him as a contributing part of our family and community is amazing." P.W.


Creating Health and Restoring Wellness by Balancing the Brain and Body is the key to success.



                                    ... a recovery & wellness center


combines the latest techniques and procedures proven in the peer reviewed Journal of Psychoactive Drugs as well as the journal:Nature


Dr. Gary T. Scardino has been studying health and wellness for over 30 years.  He is a Chiropractor, Designed Clinical Nutritionist, Board Certified Addiction Recovery Specialist, Auriculotherapist & Certified John Maxwell Leadership and Success Coach.


Dr. Scardino has combined the most advanced technologies and procedures to create this very successful recovery program.

Because counseling and therapy has played such an important role in so many recoveries, Dr. Scardino has referral relationships with some of the best therapists in Bucks County and will work well with your current counselor.




Restore Healthy Brain Chemistry

Rebuild Damaged Organs and Body Systems

Gain Constructive Coping Skills


Torque Release Technique

This Chiropractic technique was developed in a peer reviewed single blind study through the University of Miami School of Medicine.  Torque Release Technique was proven to restore the Brain Reward Cascade.  By reducing substance hunger, cravings, depression and anxiety, the study, which was featured on the Discovery Health Channel, showed a remarkable 100% success rate.



Auriculotherapy, sometimes referred to as non-needle ear acupuncture, is a low level electrical current on the ear that stimulates four cranial nerves that release endorphins, enkephalons and serotinin.  The FDA and World Health Organization recognize over 300 disease processes helped by auriculotherapy.


R.O.M. Exercise

The R.O.M. exercise machine strengthens the muscular, skeletal and cardiovascular systems with high intensity low impact exercise.  Working out on the R.O.M. Machine is equal to an hour and twenty minute workout in only 8 minutes a day.  Anyone can rebuild and restore lost muscle, balance fat ratio and rebuild strength.


Nutritional Response Testing

Nutritional Response Testing restores and rebuilds damaged and weakened organ systems as well as eliminates toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, fungi and parasites from the body utilizing specific whole food supplements.  A very precise analysis pin points the most damaged  organs and creates a program to best restore health to the entire body system.




                                                   ... a recovery and wellness center


is a truly holistic environment for recovery success!

By combining the latest proven techniques in creating health, correcting reward deficiency syndrome and establishing a sense of well-being, you or your loved one can live a life of freedom from compulsive disorders and addiction.

Whether you just returned from a recovery program or are simply overwhelmed with recent coping choices, we offer a safe place--- a pharmaceutical-free alternative for ongoing individualized support.

Personalized care one to one with Dr. Scardino  in a confidential wellness setting.

Gain constructive coping skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Restore wholeness to the body and mind by reconnecting communication between the nervous system, restoring proper brain chemistry and improved functioning of organ systems




Confidentiality and Privacy our always protected.


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